System CRM

CRM system - what is it?

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems allow you to manage direct interaction with a company’s customers.

CRM system - description of functionalities

We will try to shortly and concisely introduce you the functionality of the high-tech CRM system vTiger.

Take a look at the functionality of the system and you will be convinced of the high efficiency of this tool.

If you have any questions, please familiarize yourself with the system on the demo site or contact your consultant.

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CRM system - Basic functionality:

User interface:

  • easy navigation with intuitive menus and toolbars
  • the system is based on AJAX technology, thanks to which it works very quickly without unnecessary page reloads
  • flexible editing of the page layout and the appearance of forms
  • the system supports several languages
  • template system – graphic templates

Add, edit, delete information

  • quick editing and adding content of records with one click
  • copying records greatly simplifies content creation
  • bulk editing – changing information in many records at the same time
  • tagging of all objects allows you to flexibly categorize information in the system
  • assigning objects to a specific user or group of users
  • the ability to restore deleted objects thanks to the recycle bin function

Information management

  • print preview and printing
  • advanced functions for importing and exporting data in CSV format
  • report designer for creating various types of reports

Search and browse

  • various search options, such as simple, advanced – by several criteria, by sorting/li>
  • edit and search information according to your rights

CRM system - Office

Start panel

  • display of the most relevant information on the main page
  • information is relevant only to the user who is logged in
  • flexible panel layout – the ability to edit the layout


  • planning of various activities: meetings, phone calls, tasks to be performed
  • viewing several calendars, including those of other users of the system
  • a system of notifications and reminders of planned events
  • the ability to define activities that are performed cyclically from time to time
  • data in the calendar is linked to other system objects, for example, to the database of contractors, employees, etc. that can be added to tasks
  • various forms of presentation of tasks from the calendar, for example, in the form of a list


  • management of documents in Office format or any other format by folders
  • linking documents to specific objects in the system, for example, commercial offers to a client
  • the ability to link to documents hosted on other servers


  • built-in email client with high functionality
  • binding messages to clients in the database
  • the ability to define information templates

CRM system - Companies and contacts

Potential customers

  • Storing information about potential customers in the database
  • Contact information
  • Ability to link objects to information about a potential customer, for example, offers
  • Marketing actions


  • Quick access to all detailed information about the client (phone, address, descriptive data, etc.)
  • Create relationships between contractors (head offices, branches
  • Advanced filtering and search
  • Integration with GoogleMaps
  • Contractor grouping

Contact persons

  • A special database of contacts that can be assigned to contractors
  • Quick access to contact information
  • Consistent correspondence
  • Registration of activities: phone calls, tasks, meetings related to the selected person
  • Marketing actions


  • Database of suppliers
  • Division into groups and categories
  • Creating orders for suppliers
  • Processing of other events related to suppliers, such as meetings, tasks, phone calls, etc.

CRM system - Marketing

Marketing activities

  • Database of marketing activities – planning and monitoring
  • Ability to determine the consequences of actions in the form of sales opportunities
  • telemarketing,
  • Registration of sales opportunities
  • sending traditional or electronic correspondence,
  • conferences and trainings
  • Profitability analysis by building relevant reports
  • Linking calls, meetings and tasks to the planned marketing campaign
  • Organizing a target group for the marketing campaign by selecting companies and contacts

CRM system - Sales


  • File of the company’s products
  • Group products by category and create product packages
  • Assigning images related to the product
  • Product history: customers who purchased the product, offers, orders, invoices in which the product was included
  • Warehouse functionality
  • Notification of low stock level
  • Generation of price lists based on products
  • Multiple currencies

Price lists

  • Catalogs of price lists
  • Individual price lists linked to order volumes or customer groups
  • Flexible selection of the price of a product or service from the price list when creating a quote, order or invoice


  • Card index of services
  • Categorization of services
  • Flexible pricing of services using price parameters
  • Multiple currencies
  • Viewing the history of services

Sales processes

  • Sales register
  • Recording all actions from the appearance of a sales opportunity, the stage of identifying needs, sending an offer to the completion of the sale
  • Ability to determine the stage of sale, the planned date of completion, the estimated cost of sale and the probability of success
  • Linking the sale to a company or contact person
  • History of selected sales: planned and completed actions (meetings, calls, tasks), offers, orders from customers
  • Fixing changes in sales statuses
  • Linking the sales process to a marketing actions
  • Ability to generate a report on sales volume at each stage for a certain period of time, the report can be generated for the entire company or for a selected employee


  • Register of offers
  • Details of the offer
  • For each item of the offer, you can specify the quantity, price and discount
  • Offers in different currencies,
  • Currency selection converts offers according to the manually entered exchange rate
  • Generation of the offer to PDF file
  • Offer status allows you to filter sent, won and rejected offers
  • You can create an order from the offer
  • Adding an order to an offer automatically marks the offer as won
  • Organized numbering of all offers
  • Ability to attach any documents to the offer


Customer Orders

  • File of orders or requests from customers
  • Monitoring the status of the order
  • Exporting an order to a PDF file
  • Standard numbering of orders
  • Issuing an invoice from an order
  • Multiple invoices can be issued for one order
  • Set up automatic, cyclical invoicing
  • Adding actions to an order
  • History of order status changes
  • Attaching any documents to the order

Orders to suppliers

  • Order file for suppliers or subcontractors
  • Details of the order to the supplier
  • Order item table: adding products and services
  • Structured numbering of orders to suppliers – customizable
  • Filtering orders by status 6
  • Adding activities to the order: tasks, meetings and phone calls
  • Ability to attach documents to the order



  • Registration of service requests and complaints
  • After-sales customer service for products and services provided to the customer
  • Standard numbering of requests
  • Linking the request to the customer, contact person and product
  • Assignment of request statuses such as: Accepted, In progress, Completed, Closed
  • Adding comments to the request
  • Ability to launch a client panel for adding requests by clients
  • Adding documents to the request
  • Adding appointments, calls and tasks under the request
  • Saving the history of changes in the status of the request
  • Assigning notifications to an employee or group


  • Register of contracts for the provision of services and fixed-term contracts for the provision of services
  • Support for charging contracts by hours, days, or requests
  • Determine the term of the contract
  • Adding annexes to the contract
  • Adding or linking requests to a contract
  • Filtering contracts by status, expiration date

Knowledge base

  • Register of decisions on requests
  • Create a database of questions and answers to the most common problems
  • Use existing questions and answers to create solutions to the most common problems
  • Publishing the knowledge base in the client panel
  • Linking the record to the product to create a database of questions and answers for the selected product



  • Statement of invoices with VAT
  • Print invoices in PDF format
  • Basic information about the invoice: dates of sale and payment, counterparty details, bank and account number, item table
  • Determine the status of the invoice: issued, paid, overdue
  • Search and filter invoices by status
  • Displaying invoices by customer
  • Filtering invoices with overdue payment
  • History of changes in invoice statuses
  • Ability to attach any documents to the invoice
  • Adding phone calls, meetings and tasks to the invoice
  • Ability to use the invoice module to receive invoices issued by the accounting department
  • Generate sales reports based on invoices

If you need more information about the CRM system, please contact with our consultant. We will provide you with all the necessary information, as well as set up a fully functioning system for testing.

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