Hosting package MINI SSD

The ssd-mini package is the basic package included in the Desigo hosting offer. It is usually chosen to host a single website that needs to be presented online with the exceptional speed associated with using ssd hosting options.

The ssd packages are characterised by improved performance parameters compared to classic shared hosting.

Hosting package MINI SSD

99zł / year net

(121,77zł gross)

  • capacity: 3GB
  • transmission: no limit
  • domains: 5
  • e-mail account: 10
  • free migration: yes
  • free SSL- certificate: http/2
  • fast SSD drives
  • anti-exploit system


The main features of the hosting package

  • servers are completely built on high-speed SSDs combined into a RAID-10 array
  • a very large amount of RAM both on the server and allocated on the client’s account
  • great access to processor resources (access to one full-fledged Xeon processor core)
  • support for the HTTP/2 protocol (significantly speeds up the display of web pages in the https protocol)
  • site management is carried out using Apache 2.4 with LiteSpeed modules
  • the account has access to SSH
  • multiple caching is available on the servers: opcache, memcached, etc.,
  • packages have very high read from disc (I/O) parameters for maximum performance.
  • a contract of assignment for the processing of personal data in accordance with the GDPR with the possibility of subcontracting data

Other features of hosting packages

  • the ability to independently change the PHP version (5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2) – the version is set for a specific domain,
  • anti-exploit system that detects more than 4,000 exploits for popular scripts,
  • free SSL certificates (choice of cPanel/Comodo or Let’s Encrypt)
  • continuous and professional technical support (we have a live chat on the website run by administrators, not consultants),
  • regularly updated cPanel in the Polish language version,
  • complete separation of hosting accounts based on LVE technology (hosting accounts work almost like separate vps servers),
  • daily backups – available backups for the last 7 days,
  • possibility of free account testing for 14 days.