How long does it take to see results from SEO? 

The time you have to wait for the effects of website positioning depends on many factors and can vary considerably. Nevertheless, in general you can expect the first effects to appear after about 3-6 months, sometimes longer.

However, how long it will take to see significant results depends on factors such as:

  1. Competition: If your website operates in a highly competitive sector or for very popular keywords, it may take longer to exceed your competitors’ positions in search results
  2. SEO history: If your site has previously been penalised by Google for poor SEO practices, it may take longer to improve its position. This requires fixing errors, removing harmful backlinks and rebuilding the site’s reputation.
  3. Site optimisation: If your website is not well optimised for SEO, it can significantly slow down the SEO process. Content, page load speed, URL structure, meta tags, responsiveness for mobile devices are all factors that can affect SEO results.
  4. Frequency of search engine algorithm updates: search engines, such as Google, regularly update their algorithms. These changes can sometimes cause rankings to drop, even if your SEO efforts have been effective. 
  5. Backlink building: High-quality backlinks are a key part of an SEO strategy, but building such links is a process that takes time. In addition, poor quality backlinks or inappropriate acquisition of backlinks can result in a penalty from Google, further slowing down progress.
  6. Variability of search results: Search results are dynamic and can change for a variety of reasons, including the actions of competitors, changes in search engine algorithms and even changes in user behaviour.
pozycjonowanie strony internetowej
SEO of the website

SEO is a process that requires patience, constant monitoring and adjusting strategies. The most important thing is to focus on creating valuable, high-quality content and experiences for users, as this is the main goal of search engines.

In our experience, it is not worth giving up on active SEO efforts after a few months. The effects will come sooner or later. If we were to give up discouraged by the efforts made so far, it may turn out that we would negate the work done so far and that would be a great loss.

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