Odzyskiwanie danych

Data recovery and permanent data deletion.

What types of data do we recover?

We can recover all types of data: documents, photos, videos, databases, sound files, program settings, etc. You can recover browser history, text chat conversations, etc.

Data can be recovered from a variety of devices: laptops, computers, phones, smartphones, tablets, etc., as well as from various storage media such as hard drives, HDDs, SSDs, memory cards, CDs, DVDs, BluRays, phone and tablet memory.

Data recovery and permanent data deletion

Cost of recovery

Depending on the degree of damage or complexity, the price of recovery services increases in direct proportion to the complexity of the recovery.

Unfortunately, not all data can be successfully recovered. Several conditions must be met for successful data recovery. For example, it’s very difficult to recover data encrypted with a strong key if we don’t have the password. Physical damage to the media also often prevents us from doing this job. The same is true if specialized permanent deletion software was used to delete the data.

The data recovery process

In order to estimate the degree of complexity of data recovery, we first accept the media for analysis. The analysis can take from several hours to a week or more. Most often, we notify the owner about the results of the analysis in about 2-3 days after receiving the device.

If there is a chance to recover the data and the owner agrees with the estimated cost of recovery, then the recovery process begins.

What should I do if the data cannot be recovered?

If, despite the initial optimistic diagnosis, it turns out that the data cannot be recovered, the client is exempt from the service fee and pays only the pre-determined cost of the analysis itself.

Permanent data deletion

Nowadays, it is very often necessary to permanently delete data, at least due to the requirements of the GDPR regulations. In this case, it is also worth contacting us for details.