Naprawa laptopów

Laptop repair

We repair laptops from all brands. We eliminate both electronic and software malfunctions associated with improper operation of the operating system.

In particular, we’d like to focus your attention on the need to maintain your laptop from time to time by physically cleaning the inside of your laptop. The construction of the laptop cooling system means that it gets a lot of dirt. This dirt has a major impact on the performance of the cooling system. This leads to an increase in the operating temperature of the processor and graphics chips, as well as other electronics. Unfortunately, high temperatures are deadly for electronics. This is the cause of many malfunctions that could be prevented by periodic maintenance. On the other hand, repairing systems such as the CPU, GPU, or chipset can be very expensive or even unprofitable.

Repair progress

If the cause of the malfunction is not obvious, we will first carry out a diagnosis. Diagnosing a malfunction can take from a few minutes to several hours. Sometimes we need to thoroughly test the computer’s memory or hard disk, which is a time-consuming operation. After determining the cause of the malfunction, we pass the information on to the client and after agreeing on the cost, the laptop repair begins.

What to do if you flood your laptop

Unfortunately, it is very common for liquid to spill onto the laptop case. When this happens, the user usually wipes the case quickly and thinks that this has solved the problem. Unfortunately, water has a devastating effect on the inside of the computer. There are very few models on the market that are completely waterproof. Therefore, if a flood occurs, you should take your laptop to a service center to dry it out. Turning on a flooded laptop can cause serious damage.

Remember, if you accidentally spill even a small amount of liquid on your laptop, immediately unplug the power cord, remove the battery, and dry any visible flooded areas. You will then need to dry the inside of the computer. If you are unable to do this yourself, contact a professional technician.

The most common brands of laptops to repair: Acer, Actina, Asus, Apple, California Acces, Compaq, Clevo, Compal, Eurocom, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens, IBM, IPC, HP, Toshiba, Optimus, Digital, Medion, NEC, Gericom, Gateway, Mitac, Network, Sony, Samsung and other.

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