Migracje stron

Types of migration

There are several types of migration.

  • Transferring a site from one server to another
  • Migration between CMS systems, for example, Joomla -> -> WordPress or vice versa
  • Migration of a website from HTML -> CMS
  • Transferring a site from one domain to another

In general, when we talk about migration, we mean moving a website from one server to another.

What can we do for you?

We offer a comprehensive service for transferring your website to another server. If you are not satisfied with your current service provider, you can move your website to another hosting provider that offers better conditions or lower prices. The entire transfer operation requires technical knowledge in the configuration of popular CMS systems, knowledge of databases and other web technologies. However, the whole operation should not take much time.

We offer fast and painless site transfer. The service is comprehensive, which means you only need to provide us with basic information about accessing your existing account and target account. If you have not yet chosen hosting, we can help you with the choice. You can also read our offer. As part of the service, we will also make a backup copy of your site.

Call and ask for details.

If possible, we will also upgrade your existing CMS.
If you need to transfer your site to another CMS, for example, from Joomla to WordPress or from WordPress to Joomla, please contact our technical department.
We will check your site and tell you all the details.
Perhaps the system you are using does not allow you to simply change your domain. If you need to migrate to another domain, we will also provide you with this service.