Web applications / Internet applications

Web application - for whom is it intended?

If standard solutions don’t solve all your problems, you need a customised solution. These web applications are customised – specifically for you. The design of such applications takes into account all your needs.


  • A customised application that fits your business needs
  • Optimises employee time and productivity
  • Supports business processes of different departments of the company
  • Integrates existing systems
  • Flexible design, open for further system expansion
  • Will increase your company’s revenue due to the above advantages


  • Analysis of customer needs is the most important stage of the entire project. At this stage, all requirements, information, insights are collected and initial project documentation is created. It is similar to building the foundation of the whole house. If mistakes are made at this stage, the entire project may not meet your expectations. Therefore, cooperation and information exchange between the contractor and you are very important at this stage.
  • System development – we analyse the information collected earlier and, based on this analysis, prepare a functional service design and documentation. Of course, at this stage we are still in constant contact with the client. You can provide us with additional requirements for certain functionalities that may have been missed in the first stage.
  • Implementation – Based on the previously approved functional design, the IT system is created. At this stage, the system is launched on the client’s computers/servers. But this is not the end of the process.
  • Testing is an extremely important stage of the project. Users of the system start testing.
  • Go-live – if the system has successfully passed the test, the application is finally launched.
  • Training – if necessary, we train staff on the use and administration of the system.
  • Post-implementation support  – we never leave our customers behind. You can always count on our help. Even after the system is implemented, we offer care and technical support.