Pozycjonowanie stron SEO


  • Increase your profits
  • Have more visitors
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Customers will buy from you and recommend you to their friends…

WHAT IS OUR SERVICE - Web Positioning?

  • We will conduct a thorough analysis of your website
  • We will optimize your website code so that it meets the requirements set by Google
  • Promotion of your website on the Internet – using links from partner sites, we will systematically promote your companyę on the Internet
  • Creating articles about your company’s services – we will publish articles written by us about your company’s products and services on the Internet
  • Optimization of website content – we will analyze the content of your website in terms of keyword phrases that are being promoted (so-called SEO copywriting)
  • Analysis of the site’s potential, analysis of competition and the industry in question
  • Optimal selection of keywords – we will create for you effective key phrases that describe in detail the subject of your site, thanks to which you will get more traffic and future customers
  • Systematic increase of your website’s value – we will provide you with a suitable selection of tools and technologies that will help you to constantly improve the efficiency of your website
  • Once a month, you will receive a detailed report that will serve as an analysis of your website. It will provide you with information on whether the chosen positioning method is appropriate.


The price depends on many factors, but the most important is the competitiveness of phrases (popularity – a phrase is popular when it is often entered in search engines) and the number of phrases, as well as how many and how strong sites we have to compete with for positions in the top ten Google results.

The time it takes to reach high positions also depends on many factors, but above all on the competitiveness of the phrase. Usually, this period varies from a few weeks (in the case of simple regional phrases) to 2-6 months in the case of “more complex” phrases.

Unfortunately, many websites do not meet modern web standards. The special machine that crawls our website to add it to the website database will have difficulty indexing our website if it is not properly optimized. It is the adaptation of a website to the positioning process. Through optimization, a website becomes more search engine friendly and is indexed faster.

We want to be honest with every client. If someone promises you the first position, ask yourself if it is possible in every case. That is why we cannot guarantee the first position, because it is the search engine that determines the position of pages in the search results. No one fully knows the indexing algorithm and all the factors that influence a high ranking. However, we can assure you that we make every effort to ensure that your website ranks as high as possible.