Administracja stroną

Is website administration an offer for me?

If a website is supposed to be our business card and we care about online visibility, search engine visibility and security, we will realise that such a website requires constant care from a specialist. Of course, we can do all the administrative work ourselves, but will we do it well and will we have enough time to analyse the market and the IT industry to stay up to date? Sometimes it’s just better to outsource it to someone who will approach it in a really professional way and do the hard work for us.

Ongoing website support.

We offer all services related to website administration, such as:

  • updating content (the main influence on search engine positioning)
  • updating the main components of the site
  • updating add-ons, components and modules
  • backups
  • debugging software errors
  • keeping the site safe and secure

Website administration - why use this service?

For most business owners, a website is one of the main factors in attracting new customers to their company. Today, almost all of us search for information on the Internet. If our website has not been changed for months or years, we can be sure that it has low value for search engines. The site also needs to meet modern standards, which requires constant monitoring to ensure it does so.

Updating the content on the website

The frequency of new original content on a website has a decisive influence on its positioning. It is very important to take care of the security of our website. The underworld, as well as people who make money from online advertising, will do everything possible to penetrate our site and unnoticed insert their code, which will bring them a lot of income. Don’t let this happen and protect your site.