Optymalizacja stron

Improve your search engine rankings.

When it comes to search engine rankings, it’s not just how your site looks and whether you personally like it, but whether Google “likes” it. If you have a “beautiful” site that is admired by friends and competitors, but the search engine rankings are not something to brag about, it’s a sign that the site needs optimization.

What is the point of optimization.

Optimization is about adjusting the site’s code, content, graphic elements, links, keywords in such a way as to achieve the highest possible positions in Google and other search engines. To do this, the website must first be subjected to a certain analysis, from which we learn which elements need to be improved.

From practice, we know that if our website has never been optimized, it can be quite a difficult job. Unfortunately, graphic designers and web designers very often focus solely on the aesthetic aspects of their project, completely ignoring its technical elements. Google’s robots that index the Internet notice all sorts of errors and deviations from the standards on our website. This has a very negative impact on our position in the search engine.

What are the most common mistakes?

Very often, the page code contains a lot of unnecessary content and links, which significantly increases the page load time. Lack of proper document structure, e.g., no h1, h2 headings, etc. Lack of alternative text for graphics (“alt”), broken links, lack of internal linking, lack of keywords in the page text, too many images – these are just some of the most common mistakes.

SEO audit

We can conduct a basic website audit for you absolutely free of charge and offer optimization services. Very often, just by eliminating errors on your site and making basic changes, you can suddenly raise your position in search engines. That’s why it’s worth using this service. Don’t hesitate to contact us.